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RFF - Mrs Lukic and Mrs Krull

Creative and Performing Arts with Miss Carter and Mrs Lukic

This year, our relief from face to face classes are conducted by Marlie Carter and Kelly Lukic. All students participate in creative arts lessons for 1 hour per week. Over the year, each class will complete one term in each of the four areas - music, visual arts, dance and drama.

Dance lessons are taught by Mrs Kelly Lukic and take place on a Thursday.

Visual arts, drama and music are taught by Miss Marlie Carter on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 


Visual Arts

Throughout the year, students will engage in visual arts lessons where they will analyse the role of the artist, investigate the different ways art can convey meaning, examine the elements of art and explore their own role in the art-making process. Students will experiment with a variety of different materials and methods to plan, design and create their own artworks.


Students learn how to investigate their world through devising plays, role plays and imagined situations. Drama activities consist of fun games and activities to develop skills in voice, mime, movement and improvisation. Students perform monologues and short plays for their peers. Drama assists in developing confidence for public speaking and building skills for working collaboratively.


In music, students will investigate the ways in which music can be created. They will experiment using their bodies, found objects, instruments and technology to arrange and create their own music compositions. The students will develop performance skills in singing, moving and playing instruments. They will listen to a wide range of repertoire and learn about musical concepts.


For the past 10 years all students at Berowra Public School have participated in class dance lessons with Mrs Lukic. The students learn about the elements of dance and use this knowledge to explore and create movement. They learn a variety of dances and at the end of each term, perform one of these dances at a whole school assembly, developing their performance skills. The school community is welcome to attend.