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Berowra Public School Procedures

Student Leadership Procedures 

Berowra Public School aims to produce informed, positive and effective citizens. By undertaking the role of a school leader, students will develop skills in decision making and an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of being part of a school community that values student voice and social justice. As a leader, students can demonstrate these values and skills to their peers and make a real contribution to strengthening the school and its community.

For more information please read our Student Leadership Procedures

BPS School Uniform Procedures

At Berowra Public School we value the wearing of school uniform as it promotes a sense of belonging for our students and creates a positive identity for the school community. School uniforms also contribute to the personal safety of students by preventing physical injury and allowing easier recognition of students inside the school and in the community.

Our school uniform has been designed and chosen by BPS students to be functional, non-gender specific, smart, and affordable. Our local school uniform requirements are the result of formal consultation with students, teachers and other staff, parents or carers, and the school community (including the P&C).

For more information please read our Berowra Public School Uniform Procedures