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3/4B - Mrs Beckedahl

Welcome to 3/4B with Mrs Beckedahl (M-Th) & Mrs Dewar (Fri)

3/4B are off to a great start. The students have settled in very well to the routines of a new classroom and teacher. As we are a stage based class it was important for the Year 3 and 4 students to get to know each other, so many of the activities we participated in were interactive, asking questions, sharing information and acknowledging our similarities and differences.

I know it was only the first week back but students have completed several assessments already in which they demonstrated their capacity to focus and try their very best while respecting each others need for space, quiet and time. We have discussed our class expectations for showing respect in the classroom and I will share these with parents when they are completed this week.

The class as a whole has shown their creative side and I can’t wait to see the results of the self portraits we will start this week. The quality of everyone’s handwriting and presentation of work surprised me and as we start working in their books I know I will find it rewarding to review their work and provide feedback. At present, Year 3 are focusing on consolidation of printing with the introduction of entry and exit flicks and Year 4 on perfecting their cursive or joined letters. Typing will also be a feature of this program and Mrs Dewar has sourced a program that we will trial.

We have some very keen mathematicians in the class and some budding scientists so lots of investigating and questioning will be a focus in the class. Our science topic this semester is ‘Living Things’ and we are starting in maths with whole number with a focus on exploring numbers and place value.

Our geography unit is ‘Places are Similar and Different’. In this unit we study the Australian Continent, Australia’s neighbours, climate of places, similarities and differences between places and perception and protection of places.

Thank you to the parents who have introduced themselves so far and please remember the classroom is open for you to pop in most afternoons. 

Hopefully I will see many of you at ‘Information Night’ next week (look out for the flyer being sent out). We will meet as a stage so will only have the opportunity for a quick hello but please don’t hesitate to contact me via the school office if you have any queries or concerns.

It has been a very positive start to 2024 and Mrs Dewar and I are looking forward to the year ahead.