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Creative arts

Creative arts is mandatory for students from Kindergarten to Year 6. 

In creative arts, students discover a variety of art forms through a study of dance, drama, music and visual arts where they learn to appreciate, compose, listen, make and perform.

Each art form has its own unique knowledge and skills, elements or concepts as well as a capacity to inspire and enrich lives.

Early Stage One


'I like art and drawing and listening to kids music.' - Bedhika KYellow

'Music helps you every time you're at a music show listening to the music.'  - Maxine KBlue

'I did art by drawing a scorpion.' - Robert KYellow

'I like drum noises. I banged on a chair to make it loud.' - Kai KBlue

'In art we get to mix new colours together and see what they make.  We have learnt that we can make music out of things in our classroom. Learning new dance moves is fun.'  - Elyse KBlue

Stage One

Stage Two

'I think creative arts helps you to calm yourself down. I think if you didn’t have creative arts you have only a tiny bit of time to calm your body. My favourite thing about creative arts is that you can use your own imagination.' - Chloe W 3P

'I enjoy creative arts because you can do whatever you want and nobody can tell you that you did it wrong.  Art is also a very personal subject and you get to express your own ideas not somebody else`s.' - April A 4B

'I like art because I have a good imagination. I do art all the time and I love it. For me art is the only subject that I can use my real imagination for. The topics we do in art are amazing!' - Ryan H 3/4G

'I like creative arts because you get to go to different places to perform your piece.' - Emmett S 4B

'I like art because it makes me feel relaxed and calm. You can use any color you want and paint, draw or use any medium. It is so much fun and you can express your own thoughts in your work.' - Luca R 3/4G

Stage Three

'My favourite things in Creative arts are drama, drawing and pixel art. It is one of my favourite subjects.' - Ethan P 5/6C

'I like doing drama because you get to perform in a big audience and you get to go on a bus to massive theaters!' - Harrison B 5/6B

'I like doing art because it’s calming and it doesn’t require much thinking.' - Pete Williams 5/6M

'Creative Arts is one of my favourite subjects because it includes art, drama and dance which are all so fun and are one of the most enjoyable things about going to school. If these activities were not at school I do not know how I would cope everyday at school. Creative arts allows you to be yourself, express your emotions and perform in front of a crowd. Doing creative arts when you are young is good because you get an idea of what you enjoy doing and what you want to do when you get older.' - Zahlee O 5/6C