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Communication Procedures

The staff at Berowra Public School have been working hard on refining some of our procedures in order to improve our communication and to make sure we are consistent, clear and transparent.

- BPS Parent Communication Procedures

- BPS Visitor Procedures 

Some valid questions were raised at the P&C and their answers may help you understand our draft procedures.

Questions and Answers

Q: Does it mean we cannot email our child’s classroom teacher?

A: No. Parents are still able to email their child’s classroom teacher. Emails will be sent to the school’s email address and will be forwarded to the appropriate staff member. Just put attention and the teacher’s name in the subject bar.

Q: What if my concern is urgent?

A: If your concern is urgent please call the school’s office as teachers are unable to check emails during the day while they are teaching.

Q: What if my matter/concern is confidential?

A: We value your privacy and if you have a confidential matter contact the school to arrange a meeting time with your child’s teacher so that the matter can be discussed in an uninterrupted time.

Q: What if I work and can’t take a phone call from a teacher/or meet the teacher?

A: We understand that many of our parents work long hours and it is difficult for them to receive phone calls or attend face to face meetings while they are at work. Let the teacher know the times you are available to receive phone calls and the teacher will try to contact you during the times you are available. If you prefer to be emailed just let the teacher know you would prefer to be emailed rather than called.

Q: How long will it take for the teacher to get back to me?

A: We try our very best to respond to emails and phone calls in an appropriate time frame. We do prioritise and urgent matters will be addressed as soon as possible.